Welcome! I'm Laura Marie, a writer who loves language, sun, wit, the '90s, and all things British. As the Trends and Features Editor at PopSugar, I cover the latest in news, books, entertainment, pop culture, and more. Here, I share my everyday musings, writing about my travels, my Chicago hometown, what I believe that day, and the wisdom I've learned from the people I love.

Now and then you'll find nostalgic glimpses into my San Diego college years, or posts about all the reasons I adore California. Mostly, though, I share stories about the life I've created in San Francisco alongside Radley — the boy I met in college, the one I eventually married.

In any case, I just try to write what's true. 
And every once in a while, I hope my words can be true for you, too.

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Photo by Sam Shorey