January 1, 2017

today i believe...

... that something about sitting by a fire seems to heighten every feeling.

... that you can read The New York Times on Sundays and watch The Bachelor on Mondays and feel great about both habits. Think of it as being well-rounded.

... that "stress relief tea" is total BS but sometimes you have to drink it and pretend it's working.

... that snail mail from a friend can keep you afloat on a particularly tough day.

... that everyone should attempt the POPSUGAR reading challenge :) 

... that it's perfectly okay if you can't bring yourself to toss those terrible, low-waisted flare jeans from 2007 because too many of your favorite memories happened while you were wearing them.

... that short story collections are the best cure for writer's block.

... and that there's really nothing better than a fizzy drink in a cozy bar with old friends as you toast to the new year and all that lies ahead.


Niken said... [Reply to comment]

i miss this series :)
I still don't understand the bachelor, lol.
I am (trying to) back on my reading game. maybe I should try

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