December 21, 2016

2016, a year of growth.

I started sharing annual lookbacks in 2012, which I called my favorite year yet. Then came 2013, a year of firsts; 2014, a year of opposites; and 2015, a year of learning. This past year, of course, has been a year of growth. It wasn't just physical growth, although there was plenty of that — hello, baby bump! There was also a whole lot of new, uncharted emotional territory. I found out that I was pregnant in the final weeks of last year, so 2016 started with that electric thrill of knowing you're on the edge of something big. And big it's been.

Embracing motherhood has been both terrifying and enlightening. These early months have handed me some of the greatest fears and purest joys I've ever known. Our sweet little Owen is just four months old, but already he's taught me more about who I am and how to love than I ever could have imagined. He's becoming more of a person (and more fun!) all the time, and it's true what people say: One of the best things about becoming a parent is seeing the world through fresh eyes again.

Here's to 2016, my most magical, miracle-filled year.

January: The thrill of keeping the most special of secrets. All-day morning sickness and a whole lot of Netflix in bed with my BFFs. POPSUGAR's ten-year anniversary party. Going out, grabbing drinks, and pretending sparkling water is a gin and tonic.

February: Sausalito date nights with cotton-candy sunsets. The Super Bowl aka BEYONCE. More nausea, and more plain pasta than anyone should ever eat, ever. Our pregnancy announcement!

March: A special trip to Disneyland — and the beginnings of a baby bump.

April: A best friend's Chicago bachelorette party and our first LA baby shower. A quiet celebration to kick off the big 2-9. Santa Barbara sun and lots of long, lazy days by the pool.

May: Late-night dancing for a Texas bachelorette party. My best friend's beautiful mountain wedding.

June: Baby showers with my Chicago and San Francisco favorites. A real baby bump.

July: A lot of rest, a lot of anticipation. Nursery prep, and nesting like a crazy person. 

August: The Adele concert at nine months pregnant — as in, lots and lots of tears. A perfect POPSUGAR maternity leave send-off. The waiting game... and sweet baby Owen's arrival.

September: Long, sleepless nights. Owen's first smile. A joy so big my heart couldn't contain it.

October: Cozy days with friends and family. Long walks around the neighborhood with my little buddy and a warm coffee. A very Harry Potter Halloween. Owen's hilarious personality shining through, just as wild as expected.

November: A trip to Chicago, where Owen could see the people and places that made me who I am. His first giggle fit. His big, curious blue eyes taking it all in. The feeling that maybe, just maybe, I'm getting better at the whole motherhood thing.

December: A festive date night, a very merry holiday season, and a big, bottomless love that just keeps growing.

What a year... Cheers to (almost) 2017!


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