March 7, 2016

a saturday ritual.

By Fridays, I'm typically exhausted, and on Saturday morning, I sometimes need a little something to jumpstart my day. (Especially since I've had to give up my morning coffee!) For the past few months, I've been turning to the same ritual, which gets me going and puts me in a great mood: I catch up on one of my favorite podcasts while tidying up and checking a few to-do items off my list.

I know, I know — it doesn't sound all that thrilling or revolutionary. But honestly, the mix of doing something I really want to do but rarely make time for (listening to podcasts) while doing something I absolutely do not want to do but really need to do (99% of my to-do list) turns out to be a total win-win. Between the fun of the podcast and the simple satisfaction of being productive, I get double the joy. And I actually look forward to cleaning! Go figure, right?

Some of my favorite podcasts: Serial (of course), Dear Sugar, StoryCorps, This American Life, Happier With Gretchen Rubin, Modern Love, and Mystery Show. (And if none of those work, I listen to Adele's new album for the billionth time, because of course.)

Do you have any weekend rituals you swear by?


Louise said... [Reply to comment]

Love this - noting the podcast recs for future use :)