October 26, 2015

today i believe...

... that the first chilly fall day is a certain kind of heaven.

... that it's perfectly acceptable to take a page out of Olivia Pope's book and have wine and popcorn for dinner whenever you watch Scandal.

... that Cheryl Strayed's podcast, Dear Sugar, is basically free therapy.

... that Liz Gilbert's podcast, Magic Lessons, should be a go-to for every writer or artist.

... that my favorite grad-school professor, Christine Sneed, nailed it once again with her latest novel, Paris, He Said. (It'll definitely win over all you Francophiles out there.)

... that, speaking of books, Meg's ebook is both poignant and perfect.

... that when *NSYNC tweets out your story, it's worth printing out the screenshot and putting it on your desk as a daily reminder of your tween dream come true.

... that it's really never too early to starting watching holiday movies.

... and that the Midwest in me will never, ever get over the thrill of commuting by boat.


Dorcas Paulino said... [Reply to comment]

Thank you for introducing me to Dear Sugar!