August 12, 2015

coming home.

 Over the weekend, we went to Outside Lands, the music festival in Golden Gate Park, and I obnoxiously can't stop gushing about my favorite shows. I knew I'd freak out seeing Mumford and Sons again (obsessed) and there really are no words for Sam Smith and Elton John, but one of the artists I was most excited to see was Leon Bridges. My friend sent me the song "Coming Home" a few months back, and I've had his new album on repeat ever since. It's become the soundtrack of our summer — the songs we play when we're in the car, when we're on the deck playing cards, when we're making coffee on Sunday mornings. And he was so good live. (You have to see him.)
Also, just FYI, for every normal picture I've ever shared of Radley and me, there are about fifteen others that look just like this one. Now you know.