February 8, 2015

today i believe...

... that rainy-day, Sunday-morning coffees are the best kind.

... that it's perfectly understandable if you found yourself freaking out and texting all your friends when you watched Jimmy Fallon's incredible Saved by the Bell reunion.

... that sometimes, there's just something to be said for forgiving easily.

... that friends from home can feel more like sisters.

... that The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison is a must read.

... that you're never, ever too old to build a fort with chairs and blankets in your living room, and that when you do, flashlights and old summertime stories should definitely be involved.

... that honestly, what you find strange in yourself is probably what makes you great.

... that there's no shame in being the person who cries over goodbyes.

... and that it's never, ever too late to reconnect with that old friend you used to care about, because chances are, it'll mean just as much to them, too. (Write the letter. Make the call.)

*          *          *


DT @ Here I scribble said... [Reply to comment]

"sometimes, there's just something to be said for forgiving easily" - so true! Love the post