December 1, 2014

33 wedding-day memories i hope i never forget.

Over the weekend, we made our first trip back to our wedding venue since the big day. We live only orty minutes from the Napa resort, but for whatever reason, we haven't stopped by. Maybe because it feels a bit sacred, somehow, as if it needs to be saved for a special occasion. In any case, we were able to stay the night thanks to a sweet anniversary present, and I was surprised by how surreal it felt. We (of course) felt nostalgic, and as we stood beneath the arch of oak trees where we said "I do," I thought about all the things I don't want to forget about our wedding. And so, two and a half years later...

33 Wedding-Day Memories I Hope I Never Forget

1. Waking up to my mom's voice as she sang, "Happy wedding day to you, happy wedding day to you, happy wedding day, Mrs. Almost Meyers, happy wedding day to you!"

2. All the bridesmaids sipping on canned Sofia Champagne while getting ready.

3. My dad walking in with a shrug and his signature smirk, saying, "Looking good, kid."

4. Stepping into my giant dress, all the girls and my mom around me.

5. The silence, and the sound of my dress rustling against the brick walkway as I approached Radley for our first look. And how he raised his hands up in the air when he turned around.

6. The bridal party packing into a white van to go take pictures, my dress spilling onto Radley.

7. My dad taking my arm to lead me down the aisle, and the clouds parting right in that moment as he said, "And there's the sun, Marie. Just for you." (That was my cue to cry.)

8. Radley's tight-lipped, trying-not-to-cry smile at the end of the aisle.

9. Scanning the crowd and feeling, in the most surreal way, buoyed by our friends and family.

10. Finishing my vows, catching Radley's eye, and cracking up as he joked, half to the crowd and half to me, "This isn't fair. She's a writer!"

11. This line of Radley's vows: "I promise to always find time for our love."

12. My veil slipping off as we made our way back down the aisle, delirious with joy, and Radley catching the veil as it fell. The most perfect imperfection.

13. The biggest, best hug fest in the entire world as everyone came to congratulate us.

14. Slipping away with Radley to take pictures, and the look of sheer amazement on his face as he whispered, "Can you believe this? Can you believe it's really happening?"

15. Joining the cocktail party and laughing at all the drink chuggers.

16. The bridal party's really, really incredible dance moves during the introductions.

17. Swallowing so, so hard as my dad delivered his toast, and the ridiculously sweet look on my brother's face when he gave him a birthday shout out, since he turned 30 the next day.

18. Bursting out with a big cackle-laugh in the middle of our first dance when Radley whispered, "Damn, I didn't realize how long this song was..."

19. *NSYNC playing right at the start, and everyone being just as excited about it as I was.

20. Radley's uncle pulling up his shirt and tying it at his chest, then standing on stage to lead the most ridiculous, amazing "YMCA" singalong in the history of YMCA singalongs.

21. Rocking out to Salt-N-Pepa like our lives depended on it.

21. Cutting the cake, then walking over to the cookie tray, where Radley and I both ate giant peanut-butter cookie sandwiches in one bite. (Nobody does it like Susie Cakes.)

22. The DJ turning to me and saying, "I've had a lot of wild groups. This one takes the cake."

23. Everyone throwing their arms around one another and stomping really, really hard and really, really loudly to the beat as Mumford and Sons's "Little Lion Man" played.

24. My adorable nieces and nephews twirling across the dance floor, giddy and tired.

25. Rapping onstage alongside Radley and my friends, because nothing says elegance and sophistication quite like a bride rapping E-40's "Tell Me When to Go" in her lace gown.

26. Ducking behind a few cars nearby with Kira and Heidi, who helped me (somehow) slip into the shorter dress I'd bought in case of 100-degree weather. (It was about 60 degrees.)

27. My parents stopping me on the dance floor so that we could stop and cry and repeat again and again that this was the best day in the whole world. Wishing one another a happy anniversary.

27. Ben and Eric hoisting Radley and I up on to their shoulders, and Kel swooping in to adjust my dress so that the pictures would all be PG.

28. The DJ ending the night with "Time of My Life," and asking the crowd to form a big circle around Radley and I so that we could have a Dirty Dancing moment... then everyone mobbing into the dance floor as soon as the song picked up, and thinking it was the best moment I've ever had.

29. Running off with Radley to jump into his aunt's incredible Studebaker, then thinking of that epic Father of the Bride goodbye scene as we drove down the resort's long driveway.

30. Approaching the hotel mansion and being can't-breathe, out-of-control shocked by the sea of sparklers in front of me. (Shout out to my mom, who pulled all kinds of strings for that one!)

31. Friends and family dishing out all kinds of emotional, slurred, perfect We love yous.

32. Walking away from it all with Radley and turning back, some of the sparklers still aglow, the sound of everyone we love laughing and cheering and shouting in the distance.

33. Ordering Domino's pizza to be delivered to our suite, because we're nothing if not classy.

You can see all our wedding pictures here, and our wedding videos here.


Erin~Just*Grand said... [Reply to comment]

An enchanted wedding for an enchanting girl!

Allie Henrie said... [Reply to comment]

i love the idea of doing this! you've inspired me to make my own list

Diana said... [Reply to comment]

Amazing! What lovely memories for you to cherish on such a special day.

Sam | ashore said... [Reply to comment]

The picture of you outside the car so surprised and giddy at the sparklers is easily EASILY my favorite wedding picture of all time. Including Will and Kate.

Resonant Brain said... [Reply to comment]

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Richard C. Lambert said... [Reply to comment]

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Katy Lopez said... [Reply to comment]

Sweet lifetime memories. I love all your wedding photographs, especially the one with fireworks. Thanks for sharing. Congrats the lovely couple! Love, 123WeddingCards