July 31, 2014

today i believe...

... that there's just really nothing quite like the California sun.

... that you don't need to be a young adult to like YA books. (Cough, Eleanor & Park, cough.)

... that when things are feeling a little off and you're looking for an answer, sometimes it isn't all-out change that you need — just a little momentum.

... that just-because greeting cards are the best kinds of greeting cards.

... that it's so, so important to say no every once in a while.

... that there's nothing more satisfying than finding a really thoughtful, I-knew-you'd-love-this little gift that you just know they'll appreciate.

... that everyone needs a song (or thirty) that brings them back to high school.

... that a person's flaws can be the thing that makes you love them.

... and that the hard thing about life in your twenties is the way that everybody's doing something different, and everyone's in a different place. (That's also the best part.)


Anna V said... [Reply to comment]

I love that last one the most! <3

Yelle said... [Reply to comment]

i can also really appreciate the last one! it's exciting to all be on different and unique journeys, and self fulfilling at the same time.

Whitney Biber said... [Reply to comment]

i love this and i so, so AGREE!