May 15, 2014

today i believe...

... that an extra coat of mascara can change your day. (Not really, but you know.)

... that everyone needs a friend they truly look up to and admire, one who makes you want to be a better person just because they're that incredible.

... that perfect, sunny weather calls for lemonade and outdoor lunch dates.

... that forgiveness is a funny thing, but always worth it.

... that some days, you just need to toss out the to-do list, pour a glass of wine, and talk to your best girlfriends on the phone for a solid three hours.

... that there's nothing sweeter than a little kid who's excited for their birthday.

... that love means giving them the softer, cozier blanket.

... and that it's so, so important to be the person who celebrates other people's successes.


Brittany said... [Reply to comment]

Yes. That last one. I'm starting to think that's what true friendship is.

And the first one too. I'm always a fan of more lashes.

Alice said... [Reply to comment]

I learnt the same thing about forgiveness this week. And I'm becoming the person who celebrates others successes and I LOVE that version of me. Great list as always, Laura!


brlracincwgrl said... [Reply to comment]

I love the last one! Yes! I'm becoming that person and it's so wonderful.

Thank you for doing these! They are truly a reminder to be grateful for the smallest of things!