May 27, 2014

a happy-tired kind of weekend.

Sometimes a weekend comes and goes and it feels like it passed in a flash, so we made a point to take advantage of every moment these past few days. Saturday we joined some friends for a gorgeous hike through Tennessee Valley (an old favorite) plus lunch and beers at Mill Valley Beerworks (a new favorite). The next day brought some errands, some ice cream, and some big laughs during a late-night dinner date at Vin Antico, where we found ourselves underdressed and overeating and loving every second of it. By Monday night there had been BBQs and sunny runs, ice-cold lemonade and crispy watermelon, and I crawled into bed feeling exhausted in the best, most satisfying way. When you live days to the fullest and find yourself happy-tired as the sun goes down, there's nothing better. There just isn't.