April 30, 2014

by the bay: sausalito.

Maybe it's because Sausalito is one of the first places Radley took me to see when we started dating, but for some reason, I always feel like I'm on vacation when we're there — even though it's exactly ten minutes away from our house. It was four years ago when he introduced me to the charming little waterfront town, and I remember being completely smitten with all the houseboats. Since then, there have been plenty of Sausalito date nights and a whole lot of ice-cream cones eaten while walking along the bay, but years later, I still find something new to love every time we're there.

Although Scoma's Restaurant is a photogenic favorite, I absolutely love Barrel House Tavern, too, where you can sit on the sunny balcony and look out over the water with the most gorgeous view of the San Francisco skyline. (Bonus points for some really, really good appetizers and great beer options.) Across the street, there's also the Italian restaurant Angelino's, where you'll have some of the best bolognese of your life. Radley grew up going there with his grandpa, and the bartender, a sweet man named Sal, still does Yosemite Sam voices for Radley when we visit. It's pretty perfect.


D said... [Reply to comment]

that all sounds so wonderful :) and the view really does seem to be gorgeous!

Alli Lizer said... [Reply to comment]

This place is gorgeous! I can see why it feels like vacation. As someone in Virginia all of your photos look like a vacation to me.

As an aside, I don't always comment, but I love your posts. The way you talk through your thoughts really resonates with me.

Happy Thursday!