November 12, 2013

a little portrait of now.

Listening to Blitzen Trapper's "Furr" on repeat, because it somehow sounds like the season.

Smelling like Banana Republic's rosewood scent, my go-to perfume as of late.

Daydreaming about a European getaway, a return to Oxford.

Reading the latest novel by Dave Eggers, whose writing always inspires me to work harder and be better because he really, really knows how to tell a damn good story.

Doing way too much pinning lately. The obsession continues.

Feeling ready for the holidays, the greenery, and the cozy family get-togethers.

Laughing over this ridiculous Ryan Gosling post I wrote, which celebrates his birthday with a nostalgic look back at his career. (Because who doesn't love his MMC videos, amIright?)

Swooning over Bauble Bar's monogram collection.

And awaiting a Thanksgiving vacation with a much-needed, long-overdue trip to Chicago. So much to be thankful for, so much to celebrate, so many loved ones to share it with back home.