September 20, 2013

morning commute musings.

When you cross the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning, there's the ocean to your right — a pale blue at that time of day — and the bay to your left, a deep teal that matches the sky. And just along the bay's horizon, on the days when it isn't so foggy, you can see a stripe of golden light across the water. A bright, brilliant gold that leaves the city skyline in something like a watercolor haze.

The bridge is named after the strait of water it crosses, but I like to think of that soft, glowing California sun as the real inspiration behind the Golden Gate Bridge. There's just nothing like it.


Jorie said... [Reply to comment]

this is beautiful. I know that "golden hour" is technically in the evening, but sometimes I think it might be at sunrise, too.


S said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, how I miss this fine bridge!

Katie Appleyard said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful photo. I loved the Golden Gate. x

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