September 16, 2013

holding on.

Fall is different in the Bay Area, with warmer days and chillier nights and trees that don't turn red or yellow until later in the season. It doesn't come on gradually and linger the way it does the Midwest, so you have to hold out for it and soak it up while you can. In the meantime, we're still savoring these final weeks of summer, taking the time to watch sunsets from our front steps and drink lemonade while the days are still warm. All of it — the dawdling summer, the hesitant autumn — makes it feel like time moves more slowly here, like the days may be just a little bit longer. I'll take it.


Charlotte F said... [Reply to comment]

Autumn is far from hesitant here in France: it almost feels like winter this week! Cold, rainy and dark way too early. But I love fall so much I can't complain!

Lovely post, and loving that sunset :)

HANNE said... [Reply to comment]
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