August 14, 2013

grit and poise.

Over the weekend I dove into Maria Semple's Where'd You Go, Bernadette — a book I've been meaning to read for months. I finished it less than twenty-four hours later because it's truly the sort of book you can't put down, and I was absolutely charmed by the narrator, Bee.

In it, Bee's described as a person with "grit and poise" — isn't that just perfect? It's something we all need to aim for, I think. To have both spunk and grace, both courage and sophistication.

I'm curious: What's been your favorite book of the summer?


Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

Bernadette is next on my list (my book club's choice for August), and I'm glad to hear it's good!

My favorites this summer have been The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan, Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

Briel said... [Reply to comment]

I finally caved in and bought the book. It should arrive today! :)

Treasure Tromp said... [Reply to comment]

oh I can't wait to read this book. I just finished Adulting. It was fantastic!

Angela said... [Reply to comment]

I just finished Dancing on Broken Glass. Sad, but good!

Whitney Biber said... [Reply to comment]

Oh I will have to read this! I have been in a book slump - haven't been impressed by my summer reads!

Alice said... [Reply to comment]

I love the idea of grit and poise- and I am definitely going to aspire to this. I've been putting off Where'd You Go Bernadette for ages because so many people rave about it (which normally puts me off a book)- but now I'm very intrigued. I'm currently reading The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom and I'm loving it. I'd recommend! xx

annelise said... [Reply to comment]

I loved this book. I thought it was so original and so clever without being too clever for its own good.

I'm reading another book that feels like punishment so I think I'm giving up on it but I've no idea what to read next.

siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

i absolutely LOVED that book. i love the way it was constructed - it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. i devoured it in a weekend - i couldn't tear myself away from it.

Erin said... [Reply to comment]

I recently finished that book for my book club and I adored it! I'm honestly not sure if I would've picked it up if it weren't for book club, but I'm so glad I read it. I, too, was charmed by Bee. I seem to have spent most of the summer reading mindless chick lit books and I wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

Alissa Anne said... [Reply to comment]

Late to the game here, but I loved, loved, loved Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.

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