July 10, 2013

a season to remember.

Summer can carry with it so many wild expectations, so many hopes for fun trips and long, sunny days and nighttime barbecues and spontaneous adventures with friends. And somehow, this summer has been more charmed and exciting and therapeutic than I'd even hoped. It's been the sort of season you sink into and really relish — a strange, perfect mix of wild abandon and utter calm.

I've found myself feeling like a little kid again thanks to homemade popsicles and impromptu day trips and random, ridiculous nights with friends. I've found myself feeling a bit like a teenager too, like someone who's falling in love all over again because somehow, after five years, Radley still manages to surprise me again and again with how funny and weird and insightful he is. Still he can make me wake up laughing, and still a look from him can unnerve me in the best, most 8th-grade way.

We're barely halfway through the season, and already I've realized that it's one to remember.


Niken said... [Reply to comment]

thank you, for always inspiring me to look for the positive side and live the best of life :)

Katie Appleyard said... [Reply to comment]

So jealous of your summer! It is freezing over this side of the world! Looking forward to the next writers workshop.

Katie XX

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