July 1, 2013

a colorful stillness.

There's a plum tree in our backyard. It's a big, green-leafed plum tree with branches that curve and bend and overlap one another. A family of deer sits beneath the plum tree each day, all three of them nestled together on the other side of the fence. Beside the tree there's a line of red-spiked bushes that draw swarms of bees throughout the day for a constant, buzzing hum that echoes down the hill. And just in front of the bee-filled bushes are wildflowers, wisteria, and the brightest green plants.

There's an easy stillness, always. A colorful stillness.

Outside the kitchen window there's a tall, beautiful birch tree with white, rugged bark and branches that sway and whistle in the wind. The long, draping leaves rustle against the deck, the window, and the roof, stirring up the simple soundtrack to our new, quiet life.

I've long loved cities, finding special pieces of myself in Chicago, San Diego, Oxford, San Francisco. But there's something so charmed about a life in the suburbs, about opening the windows for a soundless breeze. And there's something so refreshing about sitting on a deck late into the night — basking in the pink, dwindling light until the sun goes down and you're left with a sky of stars.


meg fee said... [Reply to comment]

doesn't sound like the suburbs so much as utopia!!! in the words of liz lemon: i want to go thee. xo

Jess said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely description of your backyard, it sounds blissful :-)

Laura Marie Meyers said... [Reply to comment]

@meg fee Get out heeeere!! Guest bed with your name on it!