June 24, 2013

a moment to step back.

It's been awfully quiet around these parts lately, I know, but between the new house, a recent promotion, and all the fun start-of-summer events, there hasn't been much time to step back. When life speeds up, it can take me a while to find my footing, and as a writer — as someone who relishes in the stepping back, in the reflecting — it can feel strange to be so go-go-go every day. I've found myself really sinking into summer this year, though, appreciating all the lingering dinners and spontaneous road trips and, well, a lot more doing. Maybe it's the longer, sunnier days or all the backyard BBQs or the calm, easy quiet of Marin, but I've just felt so wonderfully in it. There's just something about summer, you know?


siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

i've been experiencing this feeling of not having time to step back recently. with starting a bunch of new classes, making new friends, etc... my time has been getting away from me. it always comforts me when i am finally able to come back to writing & reflecting.