April 10, 2013

making it ours.

When Radley and I decided to pack up a few things for our first moving load, he headed straight to the kitchen: pots, pans, mugs, glassware. Me, I wasn't quite so practical. I grabbed my favorite pieces of artwork, the gold trinkets I've sprinkled throughout our space, and some bar-cart accessories.

... Priorities, you know?

Of course, this isn't how we'll end up decorating our mantel, but it felt important to mark the space as ours. To make it all feel real. It's funny, though, isn't it, to realize which things feel most you — which details, however small, manage to fill the divide between unfamiliar and decidedly yours.


eileen ragan | leaner by the lake said... [Reply to comment]

SO looking forward to seeing how you decorate the space! It took some time after moving in to my apartment but it feels so mine now and I can't imagine it any other way. Best of luck!