March 29, 2013

around the web: ryan gosling, france, and tgif

Thanks to a busy week and my mom's surprise visit (!!), it's been fairly quiet around these parts, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorite recent reads for you to check out over the weekend:

All the wonderful, beautiful Ryan Gosling GIFs you could ever imagine.

Fascinating side-by-side photos of France, then and now.

A hilarious, laugh-out-loud roundup of Michael Scott's best quotes on The Office.

A '90s dream job: tales from the TGIF writers' rooms.

35 things this blogger wishes she'd done by 35 — do you agree?

And more Ryan Gosling: A support hotline aka "The Gosline." (It's real.)

Happy Friday!

(Photo: My Desk + Sam's Photo | Instagram)


Kelsey Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

you had me at Michael Scott and Ryan Gosling haha! Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!