January 24, 2013

what i've learned from... sam.

She's the soulmate-sort-of best friend I found in college, the wittiest person I've ever met, an always-empathetic ear, and one of the most talented photographers I know. What I've learned from Sam:
Confetti brings any and every party to the next level. It just does.

It's okay if things don't go as planned — if you're five (or ten) minutes late, if you skip doing the laundry, if you have to rush to mail those letters. There can be comfort in the chaos.

When you laugh, laugh hard. It's the only way.

Handmade will always mean more than store-bought, so take the extra time.

In the wake of loss and heartbreak, practice grace. Wallow when you need to, sink if you have to, but when you're ready to come up for air, practice grace.

Nothing beats a good hair day, so take full advantage of every commercial-worthy minute.

You don't always have to be "on" — but when you are, be sparkly.

If you think you're being totally crazy, run things past your most empathetic friend. Listen when she says you're being just a tad over the top and thank her when she indulges your crazy.

Read The New York Times on Sundays. Attempt the crossword.

Be the kind of friend you'd like to have.

And remember that no matter how far you are from a friend or how long it's been since you've seen her, contacting each other across every technological and social platform almost every single day will make it feel (almost) like she's been right beside you all along.

(Photo: NYC Dec. 2012)


Allie said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE THIS!!!! sam is truly an exceptional person and has 400% influenced my own life too :)

the hair day blurb is spot on, love it!

Laura Marie Meyers said... [Reply to comment]

@Allie Haha and Sam has a LOT of good hair days! :)

Heidi @ Decor & More said... [Reply to comment]

Lots of sweet thoughts here -- thanks for sharing. :)

DJ Taurus said... [Reply to comment]

That's such a sweet post!