January 31, 2013

our ceremony, part one.

At the very heart of our day, in every corner and every detail, were the beautiful touches of Megan and Emily of Enjoy Events Co. They somehow managed to bring all our random ideas into one cohesive, colorful reality and I genuinely can't say enough about how talented and thoughtful and wonderful they are. I'll be sharing plenty more about that later on, but for now, here's a look at our ceremony — starting with the lovely little lemonade stand where my nephew greeted guests, plus a cheeky sign that read: Made With Real Meyer(s) Lemons. (I love some good wordplay.)
Radley and I first met in sunny San Diego and a lot of our earliest memories took place at our houses on the beach, so for our flowers, we wanted rich sunset shades — peach, gold, tangerine, and the lightest of pinks. I absolutely love ranunculas and dahlias, and with the help of some shiny ribbon, Megan and Emily managed to tie in my gold obsession, too.
Just before walking down the aisle, the girls huddled together for a little pep talk. It was so special for me to realize how close my friends had become — a mix of lifelong and college friends — and they brought the most giddy, joyful energy to the day. I was so grateful.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire day, because it captures just how laid back it all felt. Only Radley could lean back, hands in his pockets, totally at ease as if it were any other day.
Just before we walked down the aisle, one of the dress tailors helped me fluff my dress as my dad looked on. It's the moment I'd pictured forever — Dad walking me down the aisle — and after his serious health scare last May, that once-in-a-lifetime walk felt all the more special. He's my rock.
Two of my nephews and one of my nieces led the way down the aisle, Jake carrying a copy of The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. One of my dreams had been to keep our rings in that book, one of my favorites, and Sam's gift to me was turning it into a ring box with ribbons. It was incredible.
And then it was time for me to walk...
I could barely look at Radley without breaking down, but I held his stare with every step. I'd wondered how it would feel to walk down the aisle having already seen him earlier that day, but I can say for sure that the magic wasn't broken. Not even a little bit.
With all our friends and family around us, my dad by my side, the love and the breeze and the string quartet playing, it was the happiest I'd ever been in my entire life. And right as we started down the aisle, the clouds parted. "There's your sun, sweetie," Dad said. "That's your cue."
As I hugged my dad and told him I loved him, the sacred part of the day started to rise to the surface.
And seeing my dad hug Radley, that meant most of all. It's one thing to love somebody and know with all your heart that they're the one for you, but it's something entirely different and more beautiful to have the person you look up to most in the world feel just as confident in that love.
There we stood, beneath the arch of two giant oak trees, ready for our own beginning.
Up next: The "I dos" and a big laugh :)

Dress: Casablanca | Bridesmaid Dresses: J.Crew | Design: Enjoy Events Co. | 
Flowers: Shotgun Floral Studio | Rentals: One True Love Vintage | Paper Goods: Posh Paperie

(Photos by Cooper Carras)


--- said... [Reply to comment]

So unbelievably sweet and gorgeous and romantic. That last photo is perfection.

Wishing you such a beautiful happy-ever-after :)

Maria Larsen said... [Reply to comment]

This is the sweetest thing in the entire world. I love that y'all were so laid back. Your wedding photos are absolutely beautiful.
xo, Maria

Sam | ashore said... [Reply to comment]

couldn't get through this one without years. Ken gets me every time. (see: me absolutely losing it during your parents anniversary dance)

Treasure Tromp said... [Reply to comment]

so, so beautiful.

Unknown said... [Reply to comment]

Laura and Radley!! Em and I miss you guys so much and we are so honored to be part of your day and share in your memories. You two were a dream couple to work with and it's couples like you two that make our job all worth it!! XOXO

Hilary said... [Reply to comment]

Perfect in everyway! You look absolutely stunning!!

DJ said... [Reply to comment]

gorgeous!! I love the lemonade and history of love touches. And your thoughts on your dad made me tear up. Never, ever, ever take that relationship for granted. :)

jackiek said... [Reply to comment]

this actually brought tears to my eyes!

Angela said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful!! I love pictures of dad's staring at their little girl. I have one of my dad like that, that I love!