November 5, 2012

weekly wellness | week 7: order

Weekly Wellness is a community-driven project that Meg and I developed to focus on a more mindful lifestyle. You can keep up with our three-month project by following the conversation here, on Meg's blog, and on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WeeklyWellness.
Last week, we focused on the things that fulfill us — and for me, that meant extra time outdoors. Luckily, San Francisco decided to show off with sunny blue skies and 75-degree temperatures, making it one of my favorite weeks in the city (more on that tomorrow!) I hiked, ran, picnicked, (mini) golfed, and remembered that there really is nothing better than a spontaneous day.

It's safe to say this was my best week of the project yet.

Up next? Week 7: Order — a time to focus on your space. Whether it's cleaning, organizing, or decorating, this is the time to nest and cozy up and make your home feel even more yours.

This week, I plan to tackle a few of the design projects I've been putting off, and on a simpler level, I'd like to spend some extra time at home to take advantage of all those little touches that make a space feel warmer: candles, cozy throws, and the perfectly-made bed. (And who knows, maybe I'll have to buy some new home accents, just for good measure. I mena, all in the name of wellness, right?)

How did Week 6 go for you? Anything you'd like to focus on for Week 7?


Niken said... [Reply to comment]

i did focus more on the outdoor last week (since i was working in a forest too, i was literally being outdoor most of the time). wanna know what i do? play badminton after work. it's fun. i'm a bit worry about week 7, because i've been out traveling for work since sept and won't be home at least until december - i don't know how my place will look like when i get back. it's a total mess when i left.haha

Jeneric Generation said... [Reply to comment]

This is good. I don't find it too hard to keep the living room and kitchen cute and clean, but we have gotten pretty lazy about our bedroom, since no one sees it but us...but "us" is so important! Growing up, I always loved making my room "my own" and it was constantly changing and stretching my creativity. I miss that...and this is motivation to start some of my old habits again! :)

HereIscribble said... [Reply to comment]

This looks like a good project. Would like to start it soon, after I get some time from my very busy schedule right now.

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

This is a wonderful idea! Such positive stuff - a clean house, a clean body, and...a neglected TV!