November 29, 2012

date night.

The only thing better than date night at a French cafe — one with exposed brick walls, a long wine list, and delicious bread — is date night at said cafe when it's all lit up with holiday decorations.

Add a bit of rain outside plus witty conversation and I'm basically a goner.

(Photo: Cafe de la Presse | My Instagram)


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said... [Reply to comment]

beautiful, hope you had fun. love the photo it sounds heavenly xx

Treasure Tromp said... [Reply to comment]

what a lovely date night!

Puput said... [Reply to comment]

that must be sooo romantic :)

Niken said... [Reply to comment]

i love holiday decoration!
i love starbucks christmas ambiance. and looks like a perfect date night for you 2.

p.s : finally i read one of Emily Giffin's pieces, and now i can fully understand why you love her dearly :)