October 30, 2012

weekly wellness | week 6: nourish

Weekly Wellness is a community-driven project that Meg and I developed to focus on a more mindful lifestyle. You can keep up with our three-month project by following the conversation here, on Meg's blog, and on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WeeklyWellness.
Nourishment is a powerful word. Last week, we focused on nourishment by eating all the good stuff. (I actually turned to one of my old FitSugar posts as a reminder to include more vegetables in my breakfasts!) This week, though, we're working on nourishment that goes beyond the plate.

Whenever you're feeling anxious or bored or lonely, there's a sensation of emptiness that seems to go along with it. An emotional emptiness, sure, but sometimes that can translate into a physical one, too. Either way, there's a need to be filled, and it's all to easy to reach for food in those moments. But what about all the other things that fill you up — the things that fill you with joy and passion and inspiration? This week, we're bringing all of those things to the top of our priority lists.

Art and the outdoors. On the simplest, most basic level, that's what seems to fulfill me best. Whether it's writing or drawing or even doodling, nothing clears my mind quite like putting pen to paper. My other everyday salvation? Fresh air. Sun. Being on the water. Views like the one above.

It all sounds so easy, but at the heart of this week's goal is the need to make time for these things. To shift our schedules, prioritize, and allow time for whatever it is that makes us feel most ourselves.

I'm curious: What will you be focusing on this week? What fulfills you most?

(Photo: The Bay | My Flickr)


Radley said... [Reply to comment]

I will be focussing on m'lady! :)