October 1, 2012

weekly wellness | week 2: rest

First of all, I'd like to just say how much Meg and I have appreciated all the support for our Weekly Wellness project — it's been so much fun to have people participate and join in the conversation, so thank you to everyone who's commented, Tweeted, and reached out to get involved!

For me, Week 1's hydration focus was the perfect baby step into something that will (hopefully) set off a series of better, healthier habits across the board. Truth is, I'm a fairly consistent water-drinker to begin with, but I was amazed by how much more energy I seemed to have when I was aware of it — when I had that extra glass, just because, or I avoided that can of pop, just because

Let's be real: Drinking more water is about as simple as it gets, so we're not experiencing any crazy epiphanies overnight. Still, that being said, concentrating on that one small, specific goal made me more self-aware in a much larger, big-picture way. To focus on something as easy as drinking more water made me want to do more — and isn't that just how it goes? Little victories seem to trigger bigger ones. Doing well in one area gives you that little boost to try something else, and for me, that translated to healthier meals, more exercise, and better everyday choices. And really, that's all I can ask for.
Today kicks off Week 2, a time for us to focus on rest. Personally, I'm hoping to establish a more regular, eight-hour sleep schedule, to boost my everyday energy, and to have a few casual, do-nothing-but-relax nights in our cozy little living room. (And, yes, read a few of the brand-new books on those color-coded shelves.) My plan? Start my nightly wind-down routine a bit earlier, ditch the late-night TV-watching (no YouTube blooper reels, Radley), and wake up at the same time each day.

And meanwhile, I'd love to hear from all of you

How did you do throughout Week 1? Any challenges? Any changes?
What are your plans for a successful Week 2? What does the goal to rest mean to you?

You can keep up with our three-month project by following the conversation here, on Meg's blog, and on Twitter and Instagram — Use the hashtag #WeeklyWellness to join our dialogue!

(Photo: Our sun-lit living room | My Instagram)


Magdalena said... [Reply to comment]

What a fun project. I can't believe I missed week one. Will definitely be joining on week two.

Chelsea said... [Reply to comment]

Oh man! I need to focus on rest! What an awesome goal!

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Magdalena Ooh yes, please do! :)

Rosie said... [Reply to comment]

This is actually a great idea!! I already drink a TON of water and tea, but I should probably stop eating that bar of Kinder after lunch =P I might start this week, one goal a week, right?

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k8te said... [Reply to comment]

i love this series! i definitely need to work on getting enough sleep. i'll be following along! :)

writermegan said... [Reply to comment]

More rest means no procrastination so that everything can get done quickly enough for an early bedtime!

Louisa said... [Reply to comment]

This is such a great idea! For me, the biggest challenge regarding rest is, like you mentioned, not watching TV/being on the internet before bed because it definitely makes it harder for me to get to sleep. I am trying to read instead. LOVE your colour coded shelves!

nancy said... [Reply to comment]

it's so funny, because even though I hadn't planned on participating in this, (even though I read both of your blogs) you've planted the seed! I've found myself consciously choosing to drink more water, telling myself my body needs another glass. thank you!

as for the rest, I've just come back from 4 months of travel - I am totally with you on this one.

elizabeth shay said... [Reply to comment]

I'm really embracing this project you and Meg started. I feel as if I'm in a constant struggle with my body and health and any opportunity to better myself, physically and mentally excites me!
I drink a lot of water already but even making a little more effort has been great-making some tea instead of a glass of wine :)
Really struggling with rest though! I tend to get home and want to do all my "fun" stuff: tv, magazines, cook, clean, errands, etc and before I know it, its almost midnight and I'm exhausted in the morning.
While I'm going to work on getting into bed a little earlier, "to rest" also means listening to my body more. If my body is tired, I will take it easier...skip the gym, go home and make myself a nice dinner and enjoy my couch. And I won't beat myself up about not working out tonight, not cleaning the whole apt, etc, etc.
To rest means to listen to myself.
Looking forward to this full 12 weeks-it's been a great introduction to your blog for me as well!