October 18, 2012

order and surprise.

In both a physical and a figurative sense, I crave order. My closet is organized by category and color, my books are arranged just so, my planner is basically one giant study in being Type A. But on the flip side of all this self-imposed, semi-neurotic tidiness is one simple truth: I love, love, love surprises.

Whether it's a birthday party, an unexpected guest, a little just-because moment — I've never met a planned surprise I didn't like. And lately, I've been (pleasantly) surprised in smaller ways, too: A story I'd never heard before from a person I love, a friend who understood me so quickly and completely that I was taken aback, an essay that seemed to rock everything I've ever known about writing.

It's nice to know that even when I stick to routine, even when I'm trying to keep things simple and manageable, even when I'm less spontaneous — life has a way of amazing me anyway.

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Rachael {all things beautiful} said... [Reply to comment]

Girl, I am SO with you on this one. I love order and organization but I also LOVE, LOVE a surprise! Any kind will do :)

Anisha Pradahn said... [Reply to comment]

I am very disorganized when it comes to things and wardrobe and stuff but I have a pre planned schedule for everyday. Only in that aspect I am organized.
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Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Rachael {all things beautiful} Exaaactly :) So glad you get it!

Paige Helen said... [Reply to comment]

Please tell me what this essay is and where I can read it! :)

Kate said... [Reply to comment]

Would love to know which essay it is that you referenced. Hope it won't rock EVERYthing you've known about writing--you're so talented already!

caitlynshea said... [Reply to comment]

what was the essay about writing titled?