August 24, 2012

what i've learned from... heids.

She's been my best friend since we were one, and part of, well, everything ever since. (Including the day of our engagement, pictured below.) Bubbly, hilarious, and more like a sister than a friend, Heidi has one of the truest, most compassionate hearts I know. Over the years we've shared classrooms, sleepovers, camp sessions, sports teams, every secret we've ever had — and I'm a better person for knowing her. Here, a few things I've learned from being friends with Heids:
When in doubt, overdress. Also, layer the jewelry and spritz perfume.

Be the friend who shows up, who calls, and who knows when to take the back seat and just listen — that kind of everyday love never goes unnoticed.

Embrace spontaneity. Those adventurous moments will be your best. Let go.

You can rough it on the trails in thick-soled hiking boots one day, then teeter around boutiques in sky-high stilettos the next, and both of those moments can make you feel like you.

Even when something is hard, skip the negativity. Instead, feel thrilled by the challenge.

Learn about the economy. Be business-savvy. Buy stocks. Invest.

If you put on just one thing, make it mascara.

You won't get bored with exercise if you're willing to try something new. Bike, swim, hit the mat, hit the weights, join a class. Do it all, and don't force yourself to do anything you don't enjoy.

Know your worth. In the workplace and in relationships, know that you matter.

Cheese is its own food group. Indulge accordingly.

Stay out late, eat dessert, skip your errands for a beach day, and — this is the key — let go of the guilt. You deserve to have fun, you deserve a break, and everyone deserves a beach day.

Be the friend who never has to say you care because you're just so damn good at showing it.

And, most importantly: Wear pink.


Kirajaye said... [Reply to comment]

Great post! Love you both.

dee said... [Reply to comment]

:) i guess i need a beach day

Heidi said... [Reply to comment]

xoxoxo :) thanks Laura. Love you so so much!

Niken said... [Reply to comment]

looking at the things i've done this week, i feel like i listened to Heidi. i've checked all the point except for 3 things : buy stocks, wear mascara and wear pink.

Ariel Tyler said... [Reply to comment]

Sounds like a smart girl!

Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Love this series you post. Heidi sounds like a great friend!