August 14, 2012

guest post: anna of little reminders of love.

A couple years ago, Anna and I bonded over blogging, inappropriate comments, and being awkward. I've loved her dearly ever since and here, you'll find her musings on the meaning of true love. Read more from Anna on her blog, Little Reminders of Love.
I met Laura after I reached out to her by email during a heinous breakup I was going through. I didn't expect her to write much back, but I did have a feeling she would "get me." (We'd been blog friends for a while, commenting back and forth, but not much actual correspondence.) 

Laura wrote back and we began talking and texting regularly. This sounds dramatic, but Laura really did pull me out of my breakup and from it, a close friendship was built.

It's been two years since that breakup, and her wisdom has all proved true: I did get over him in time, I did get butterflies again, and fate does have a way of unfolding just as it should.

But this isn't a post about breakups. This is a post about what comes from a breakup (besides heartache).

What came from my breakup was love. Love from friends near and far. Love from myself. Love from new friends. What came from my breakup was courage to move across the world, courage to write it out, and courage to be me. (That was on a poster at my elementary school, I think. If not, it should be.) 

What also came from my breakup was the understanding of what "true love" is. Because me oh my, was I confused about what true love really is. 

I now know that true love is not changing yourself or trying to change the other person. It's not letting the other put you down. It's not about competing or jealousy. I'm actually pretty sure those are all the opposite of love.

I'm still learning and observing and trying to wrap my head around this concept of true love — and when I think I'm in love and things don't work out, I realize it was just a stepping stone toward the real thing. Painful, but necessary. 

After all, had I not gone through that heinous breakup, who knows if I would have emailed Laura about such things. 

Out of my breakup I met a close friend — a close friend who has found true love. 

Congratulations, Laura & Radley, your love inspires me to keep hope.

True love is out there. 


Francesca Forzoni said... [Reply to comment]

thanks for this hun.. much needed xx