June 11, 2012

sand and sunburns.

After a long weekend celebrating Kel's birthday/bachelorette party, I've returned from San Diego with sandy bikinis, a bit of a sunburn, and the remnants of a temporary tattoo on my skin.

All signs, I think, of a trip well spent.

We visited our old USD stomping grounds, reminisced at all our favorite beach spots from college, hiked along the La Jolla coastline, sipped margaritas in a giant hot tub, rocked matching dresses, carried out all the necessary bachelorette festivities, and repeatedly laughed so hard we cried.

More to come soon, but in the meantime, it's back to real life (and final wedding plans!)
39 days until Kel's big day, 54 days until ours... What a summer :)

(Photo: La Jolla Shores | My Instagram)