June 26, 2012

our wedding shower.

One of the most incredible parts about getting married is the chance to see so many of the people you love throughout the year. From showers to parties to dinners and get-togethers, we've been lucky enough to share some truly incredible moments with our family and friends. This past weekend, Radley's parents threw us a beautiful wedding shower, so I thought I'd share a few photos:
There were hilarious games and big laughs and some seriously delicious food, but the best part was realizing that I'll be joining such a wonderful, loving family.

A huge thank you (again) to Radley's parents and to all our family and friends for such a special day! We love you all and can't wait to celebrate in just a few weeks :) :)


Nicole Marie said... [Reply to comment]

your dress is sooo pretty!!!

Sam | ashore said... [Reply to comment]

"being a bride" should be added to your list of special skills/talents.

Nikskie said... [Reply to comment]

i think the times like this, sharing a true moments with friends/family/loved ones is one of many forms to say 'i love you' to each other.

congratulations Laura and Radley!!! wish you all the best :)

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Sam | ashore "Being a bridesmaid" and "Confetti-making expert" and "Quick-witted commenter" should all be added to YOURS. Oh, and "Expert friend cheerleader of life."

Maria said... [Reply to comment]

That cake looks to die for! Also, your dress is stunning!

Raquel said... [Reply to comment]

That cake looks soooo good! And beautiful too :)

You looked gorgeous! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

Claire Kiefer said... [Reply to comment]

You look so very beautiful and happy! What a fun time in your life. You're lucky to have an amazing second family!

siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

i love your dress, laura! and, what a lovely shower :)

- lauren

Kristin said... [Reply to comment]

how sweet. and what a pretty cake

Allie said... [Reply to comment]

so beautiful! i love your dress!