April 24, 2012

the buena vista.

We generally tend to steer clear of tourist spots, but The Buena Vista is definitely an exception. Located in the heart of Ghirardelli Square, it's known mostly for the Irish coffee—which, yes, rocks—but truth is, I'm just a fan of their sourdough toast. This weekend's birthday festivities began at Buena Vista, and trust me when I say that the sourdough is absolutely perfect... Irish coffee or not.

A few tips: If you're able to go, try to sneak in right as the restaurant opens, because otherwise, crowds are inevitable. Also, their tables serve as community seating, so get to know your neighbors :)

(Photos: My Flickr)


Allie said... [Reply to comment]

The Buena Vista is the best! Great spot!

Katherine Krieg said... [Reply to comment]

used to live right around the corner from there but have never been. will have to try it out after this recommendation! happy bday again!!

Elsha.Rae said... [Reply to comment]

love love love the photos! xo

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Katherine Krieg Thanks! Let me know how it goes :)

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said... [Reply to comment]

I love how beautiful and blue the sky is!

siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

i really do love that ghirardelli sign!