December 13, 2011

fresh insights.

One thing I've always loved about work is the commute. The minutes it takes to get from here to there. A morning commute, to me, carries the same feeling that I get on planes: I become reflective and aware, lost in thought, my mind almost eerily quiet. Know what I mean?

I've done all kinds of commutes, too—everything from a walk to a subway trip to a train ride. With my new job I'm doing a bus-walk combination, and it's already growing on me. There's just something about the early morning energy, the way the sun tilts over the tops of the tallest buildings just as the shops and the cafes are opening their doors. Sidewalk traffic is heavy, moving in every direction all at once, and the air is thick with the smell of coffee and exhaust fumes.

Sometimes I like listening to music as I walk (or ride), but more often than not I prefer to hear the sounds of the city as it wakes up: honking cabs, ringing cable cars, shuffled newspapers, the clicking of high heels on pavement and muffled phone conversations. And every once in a while, birds.

Bus rides are especially interesting, don't you think? Every morning you begin your day with the same people—the same strangers—and right away you discover patterns. Within a week you know who brings an iPod, a book, an e-reader, nothing at all. You know who dresses up and who dresses down, and you assume the latter work for some sort of start-up. You find out who talks on the phone, who can't stop texting, who closes their eyes and who stares out the window. You memorize colognes.

How quickly you can become a part of something, and how easily it can become a part of you, too.

(Photo: My Flickr)


mekatsu mekatsu said... [Reply to comment]

I completely agree! One of my favorite things in a city is a bus ride. I love people watching and I love being a part of something too. It's a routine that I love every morning.

Mateus Lopes said... [Reply to comment]

these moments when you're just lost in thoughts are great, aren't they? it's very good to forget the worries for at least some minutes :)

♥Abby said... [Reply to comment]

I'm jealous! I've always wanted to live in a big city and be apart of that routine... I can say I've never rode on a city bus or have been in a cab, just because no where near I live has them. I hope to become apart of the 'big' routine someday :)
Love the photo!


Nicole Marie said... [Reply to comment]

i love walking home from work. such a great time to think and reflect on the day