November 9, 2011

what i've learned from... my mother.

Little things should be celebrated (and/or put on the fridge when appropriate.)

Everybody--even the people who claim they're "so not into birthdays"--appreciates a card. Maybe two cards. Maybe as many cards as the age they're turning. Oh, and their favorite food. Okay, maybe some flowers and balloons and a batch of homemade cookies, too.

Food brings people together. So do board games.

The best part about movies is popcorn: Choose the theater accordingly.

Crying is okay--better than okay, actually; it's a release. Another outlet of expression, no better or worse than laughing or sighing or jumping for joy. It shows not weakness, but sincere and true emotional strength... and sometimes bloodshot eyes, which can be cured by staring at the ceiling for a while. (Seriously, she's right: it works.)

Flights require goodie bags, and road trips require extra large goodie bags.

Beauty begins and ends with good skin, and moisturizing is everything. Overmoisturize. Invest in a brand you can trust. Don't neglect your neck and hands.

When it comes to party planning, decorations, favors, and food? Go overboard. It works.

Be thoughtful, and not just with the people closest to you. Bring cookies to your hair stylist. Every once in a while, bring enough for the whole salon. Buy lunch for the nurses at your doctor's office. Offer those extra tickets to your dental hygienist. Give the leftovers to your elderly neighbor every single night. (She does all of these things and so, so much more.)

Don't overpluck.

Keep the fridge stocked with all of your friends'--and your kids' friends'--favorite foods. It will make your home feel like everybody's home, and they'll absolutely love you for it.

You can't beat Southern hospitality. (She's from Tennessee.)

Laugh loudly and too hard and at all the wrong times--it's good for you and it will make everyone else feel good, too. Bonus points if the same thing makes you laugh for days afterward.

As she says all the time: "Love hard." Cherish the people you care about most. Treasure them. Show them how much you love them and tell them as often and as enthusiastically as you can.

And when she's old enough, be your daughter's best friend. It'll mean everything to her.


Maria said... [Reply to comment]

She sounds like a very wise woman.

Irene said... [Reply to comment]

Wow, LOVE this. What an amazing way to live.

The Magnificent Lou said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, wow, what advice to treasure! She sounds like a very wise and happy woman.

Pia said... [Reply to comment]

This was an excellent post... especially the part about laughing! Love this.

Hope all is well :)


Hannah Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

I think this is my favorite post of yours for awhile. I'm incredibly close with my mom too and have learned so much from her, and these little things just reminded me of my own secret things my mom has taught me. Might have to steal this post idea.

Also, I love that one about keeping food around for the neighbors, friends, and kids. Such a fun idea to create your house into a home. I think that's what I want more than be able to create a sanctuary in my own house like the one my mom created in the house I grew up in.

melanie said... [Reply to comment]

i LOVE this post :)

siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

this ultra-inspiring post came at a really perfect time for me. i needed a pick-me-up, & this little gem did the trick... thank you!

Rissy said... [Reply to comment]

looks like your mom has instilled in you all kinds of things to bring joy to life. I'm sure if she read this, she'd feel like quite the success : )

Little bits of happy from Moms are the best!

Shane Prather said... [Reply to comment]

Love this post! I'm very close to my mom and will have to write one about all the wise things she has taught me :)

missy. said... [Reply to comment]

what great things you've learned. love this.

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Rissy "little bits of happy"... so true, love that phrasing!

♥Abby said... [Reply to comment]

How awesome! Your mom seems like a smart woman :)


sarah said... [Reply to comment]

this made my heart happy :)

Aimee Katherine said... [Reply to comment]

Great post! :)

brlracincwgrl said... [Reply to comment]

This is an absolutely amazing post! I'm bookmarking it to keep, just for an uplift :).

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@brlracincwgrl Aw how sweet are you?!

Kate L. said... [Reply to comment]

Great post. Love beauty secrets from mothers! Shopping for a new moisturizer--what do you recommend?

Ana Magdalena said... [Reply to comment]

aren't moms the best? I love this post.