November 7, 2011

wedding sneak peek: the engagement shoot

Yesterday we had our engagement session with Cooper Carras--an incredible photographer who we are so, so honored to have for our wedding day! (For all you Matchbook girls out there, he's the man behind the amazing portrait of Joy Venturini on the October cover!) 

He made us feel completely comfortable in a--let's face it--totally awkward situation, and on top of that he picked the most perfect location. After taking a random turn off of Highway 37, we managed to take pictures in a field, along a trail, among trees, on a dock, near the water... in other words: there's a little bit of everything. And even though it was sort of--okay, definitely--a bit chilly, and jackets were required most of the time, it honestly couldn't have been a better experience. This, coming from a girl who's much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it!

Anyways, since I've been so secretive about all the wedding details, I thought I'd just share this little sneak peek that Radley snapped during my solo shoot yesterday! (For some reason it cracks me up that the one picture he took was of my dramatic over-the-shoulder pose. Semi-embarrassing.)

I couldn't have asked for a better ending to what was already a memorable weekend: a fireside chats with friends and lingering dinners and champagne and cozying up sort of weekend, that is.

November, it seems, will be a good one.
(And yes, the gratitude is already overflowing.)


Ana Magdalena said... [Reply to comment]

thanks for the sneak peak, I am sure they will turn out beautiful.

ashleigh said... [Reply to comment]

so prettyyyy..
i love the dramatic over the shoulder look =]

it makes me crazy you are so secretive...but i understand =] i just love wedddings...and would love to see what yours is all about

siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

what a gorgeous place for photos! i need to start thinking about where i want to take our engagements - it's already making me nervous!

RetreatingAndAdvancing said... [Reply to comment]

Looks/sounds like a gorgeous location! Thanks for your sneak peak ;)

Wish you a great week

♥Abby said... [Reply to comment]

Aw how adorable :) The place looks really great! & you two are so cute together :)
Have a great week!


Miss B said... [Reply to comment]

Congratulations :) Really lovely pictures! xx

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@♥Abby Thanks, Abby! You always leave the sweetest comments :)

Alissa said... [Reply to comment]

From what I see, your outfit looks exactly like what I'd wear for my engagement shoot. Skinny jeans, boots, fall sweater? Swoon!

sarah said... [Reply to comment]

such a wonderful fall theme! you guys look so adorable together, you can just see the love in every picture you post of eachother and together :)

missy. said... [Reply to comment]

beautiful. can't wait to see the real things! xoxo