September 22, 2011


I'm a woman of love affairs--passionate ones, lifelong ones. 

There's my devoted and delicious affair with my favorite foods: with raw almond butter, with red grapes, with pineapple and guacamole and Mrs. Fields peanut butter cookies because ohmygod how are they always so perfectly soft?

There's my undying, eternal attachment to my favorite cities. To Chicago's people and skyline, its everyday energy. To San Diego's sun and beaches, the way time seems to move more slowly there and the sunsets seem to last forever. To Oxford, my dear and wonderful Oxford, to the British accents and the stone castles and the hidden alleyways filled with cozy bookstores, candy shops, and the sort of pubs that carry stories in their walls.

And, if I'm being honest, there's the sudden and overwhelming love affair I've struck up with my new neighborhood, my new city, with the view from my rooftop (above) that's swept me quite quickly off my feet.

We're in the honeymoon stage, San Francisco and me. The city's showing off, parading around all of its best assets: cloudless cerulean skies, cool breezes, sun so wonderfully warm it elicits a sigh. And I know it may not last--I know that there will be days when the fog rolls in, when the rain is falling and I wake up late and my love for Chicago itches at the back of my throat.

But for now, I'm just soaking it up. For now I'm in the sweet and simple, giddy and carefree beginnings of what I can already sense is an affair to be reckoned with.

This honeymoon stage, it's a damn fine stage.
How good it feels to once again call California home.

(Photo: My Flickr)


~BB~ said... [Reply to comment]

beautiful post - it's worded so beautifully...

hayleynicole said... [Reply to comment]

I love the way you talk about your love for the cities you have lived in. You have helped me discover the things I love about my own city. A place that I thought I couldn't get away from fast enough.

Nicole Marie said... [Reply to comment]

6 years alter and i feel like i'm still in the honeymoon stage. sometimes not. like when it's 80 degrees and sunny duringt he week and crummy rainy and foggy on the weekends. that does not make me very happy san francisco