September 1, 2011

on changing seasons.

Over time I've noticed that, for whatever reason, a changing season carries with it a series of expectations. Autumn, to me, will always mean a new beginning--a fresh start and a chance for life to both literally and figuratively become crisper, clearer. With September underway and fall fast approaching, I find myself calming down a bit because I have confidence in the season. Experience has taught me that good things happen this time of year, and that as the heat lifts, so will my spirit.

I love summer, I do, but there's something about fall that reenergizes. Now that grad school is over, this will be my first fall not returning to classes--although, to be fair, I've still used September 1st as an excuse to buy new office supplies. Still: even though I won't be buying any textbooks, and even though my routine won't involve a set of writing assignments, I still carry that same New Student brand of hope--that same eager anticipation of what's to come, of what sort of enlivening everyday routine will follow the laziest of summer days.

All this is to say, then, I suppose, that autumn bears hope.

I'm curious: What does fall mean to you?
What have you come to expect this time of year?

(Photo | Fall 2010: My Flickr)


becky said... [Reply to comment]

To me fall means energy, inspiration and focus. Few seasons give me as much interest and contentment as this one. And few seasons allow me to feel myself as much. I love everything it has to offer--and I absolutely adore that photograph.

Ryan Adair said... [Reply to comment]

I have the same feeling about fall. I don't know if it is because I was born in the fall, or because the cool crisp air gives me energy, or because the fall is nice almost everywhere in the country.. It's always been comforting.

However, fall in chicago did not last long enough! It got way too cold way too fast for me!{says the florida girl}

Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

New beginnings is the perfect way to describe fall for me. I LOVE fall - it's my favorite season!

Hannah Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

You know, I feel exactly the same way about fall (it's my favorite season by far...I've even gone so far as to suggest Autumn for a girls name to my boyfriend) but you would think Spring would have a little more of a "rebirth restart" feel to it.

Oh how lovely and strange. And P.S. - I can't wait till next fall, my first fall without school (and I'll probably be getting married too! yippie!)

Jasmine said... [Reply to comment]

I love the colorful natur in autumn, most of all when I go walking in the forest!
But for me autumn is mostly the last station before winter and christmas - my favourite time of the year!

Lala said... [Reply to comment]

Aaaah autumn, like it :)
This pic is so beautiful :)

xo lala

Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said... [Reply to comment]

The pictures you post are always gorgeous.

siddathornton said... [Reply to comment]

i feel the exact same way about fall. i love the energy & expectation & breeziness. one of my favorite days out of the year happens when i first pull on a sweater.

SH said... [Reply to comment]

Lovely blog.

Please take your time and visit also mine.

Thank you.

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said... [Reply to comment]

well im just starting grad school so im buying stationery and have a lot of excitement about my masters degree. to me fall means autumn leaves :) xxxxxxxx