September 6, 2011

the in-between time.

The moving process can be a bit overwhelming. First, there's the physical challenge of packing up all of your belongings--bubble wrapping and bagging and boxing and taping until you're dizzy and delirious. And then, of course, there's the emotional part of it, the heaviness that seems to settle itself on your chest as you empty out every corner of the space you've come to love.

It was strange to leave our first apartment on Friday. That night we sat cross-legged on the bare hardwood floor, our backs against the bare walls, our voices echoing in the empty room as we listed our favorite memories. "Putting up our first Christmas tree," Radley said, "with the fireplace on and Nat King Cole playing." I nodded, adding: "When we first moved in and didn't have any furniture, so we invited friends over for Chinese takeout and living room picnics." 

Back and forth, back and forth. We rattled off all the best moments from the past two years, laughing and saying--over and over again--how great it's all been. How much we love this city and the people in it. How happy we are, and how grateful.
It was tough, then, to walk away--to close the door on a life we started here. But it was exciting, too--really, really exciting--because we're thrilled to be heading back to the west coast... See, there have been a lot of emotions lately. And that, of course, is the understatement of the century. Moving, I've learned, tends to be a mixed bag, and we've found ourselves varying somewhere between anxious and elated, somewhere between crestfallen and over-the-moon. So it goes, right?

In the meantime, during our last week in Chicago, we're staying at my parents' house in Glen Ellyn--and I'm finding that this quiet calm after the moving storm is exactly what we needed. Giant family games of charades and Monopoly (we actually finished!), early mornings spent playing soccer and tossing the football with Radley and my nephews, breakfast dates and sunset walks and afternoons spent sitting beside the lake with a good book...

It's the best way to finish out our time here, and I really couldn't feel better about all of it.
And what a good feeling that is--to believe that what you're doing is right.
It's the best kind of trust, I think.

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Allie said... [Reply to comment]

This is beautiful. I wish you all the luck in the world. San Francisco is lovely. :)

rach. said... [Reply to comment]

ahhh sooooo pretty! and girl, you are absolutely gorgeous! great blog!

love, rach.

Gabriela said... [Reply to comment]

How amazyng is that you have Radley to share all of the things that are happening inside you and what a great thing is to actually HAVE things to remember, to be so young and have memories, experiences and so much life lived!!!
Congrats for yor changes and for the way you capitalize your experiences...
Leave you love from far away.

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Gabriela Thanks so much! Appreciate it :)

Briel79 said... [Reply to comment]

Good luck with the move to SF! I'm from NorCal and have been to SF a few times. Though personally I wouldn't want to live there it is definitely a great city!

Nicole Marie said... [Reply to comment]

isnt that the strangest feeling looking at your empty room and empty apartment and thinking of all the memories in there. its so bittersweet. closing the door behind you in the hardest part.

but so many exciting memories in the future

mekatsu said... [Reply to comment]

I just started following! I just moved back to SF!

I know you guys are going to love it!

What part are you moving to?

Safe travels:)