July 21, 2011

a west coast update.

Any hesitation I may have felt about moving to San Francisco has lifted.

First there was the landing of our plane, and the subsequent squeals (mine) as water and mountains and bridges came into view. Then there was the drive through Marin, a visit to Radley's house, the sunset behind Mt. Tam. And then, of course, there was waking up with the sunrise, watching the fog slide over the marina, strolling down Chestnut with a vanilla latte in hand.

This is to say nothing of the charming cable cars, the impossibly steep and stunning hills, the incredible (humidity-free!) weather, the trips to visit friends, or lunch at one of my favorite spots, the Tipsy Pig.

This week had serious potential to overwhelm--the job interviews, the apartment-hunting craze, the venue visits (!), all the people and places I hope to see. But to tell you the truth, I'm just too damn happy to feel stressed or worried about any of that. I have faith that things will fall into place. 

I mean, did I mention the palm trees? 
Oh, palm trees, how I've missed you so!

(Photo: My Flickr)


Kristina said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so glad that there is such excitement about the move and any hesitation has subsided. It sounds this move with be a fabulous adventure for you! :)

wilybrunette said... [Reply to comment]

oh good lord i'm happy for you. your spirit is infectious.

wilybrunette said... [Reply to comment]
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Lisa said... [Reply to comment]

I am so jealous of your life and happiness! I would love to have the opportunity to move to San Fran-- it's an amazing place!

allison said... [Reply to comment]

sounds absolutely amazing...good luck with everything:)

Ana* said... [Reply to comment]

i only have one word, and that is ah--mazing. I'm glad you're having a good time!

missy. said... [Reply to comment]

i'm glad you weren't stressed! that makes things soo much worse. it sounds like you are having a great time!

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said... [Reply to comment]

it sounds so beautiful. hope the week ahead is stress free for you xxx

~BB~ said... [Reply to comment]

Wow - I think you just convinced me to move to San Francisco. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

Nicole Marie said... [Reply to comment]

i'm so happy your happy. like i said your happiness and positivity is becoming contagious.

Gabriella Marie said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds so wonderful there! I've always wanted to visit San Francisco, I've heard it's lovely.

happyflower said... [Reply to comment]

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Caiti said... [Reply to comment]

So glad you are enjoying the transition. Although I am a true southern California girl, the Bay Area occupies a special place in my heart (went to undergrad in Napa Valley, my dad is from norcal as well). How I miss that fog!

Taylor Paige said... [Reply to comment]

i really enjoyed your blog.
much love,