July 25, 2011

our new home: a blank slate.

When I envisioned our new apartment in San Francisco, when I thought of the place where we'd plan our wedding and start our new jobs and re-root ourselves on the west coast, all I could picture--and what I really, really hoped for--was the old bay-windows-and-lots-of-light charm associated with the city. 

And I'm thrilled/elated/stoked to say: That's exactly, in every way, what we've found.
I'm smitten, in love, with the bay windows and the wooden floors and the streaming, spilling sunlight around every corner. Not to mention the black-and-white tile floor in the kitchen, the sugar cookie-colored walls, the absolutely massive walk-in closet. (Such a must, right?)

I'll admit that I'd been a bit nervous about moving--a bit hesitant to leave a city we love, my family and so many of our friends. But then I walked into this apartment, and it felt like home. Even without any of our furniture, without any pictures or knick knacks or even a hint of of who we are, I knew the space was ours.

And now, I have to say, everything feels right.


Kristina said... [Reply to comment]

CONGRATULATIONS! It's fabulous!! Sometimes you just know! ;) I'm glad that's the case here!

Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

Dear Laura Marie,

There aren't enough words to express just how jealous I am of your new gorgeous apartment. But I guess I'm happy for you and Radley. :)

Heba said... [Reply to comment]

when i saw these three big windows i thought about a big comfy chair with a cup of coffee and a good book ,, such a perfect place :)


♡ lillybapxo said... [Reply to comment]

eek, i'd be so excited about decorating if i was you right now!

congrats on finding a beautiful place :) i hope all your wishes come true xxx

Malin said... [Reply to comment]

It's gorgeous! I'm so jealous!!

dee said... [Reply to comment]

I love it! there are some houses that only seems to "live" in some seasons and this apartment only makes me think about summer and spring. I love the light (and what closet! portuguese homes don't have closets!)

:) It will be an awesome place to live.

Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said... [Reply to comment]

congratulations it looks beautiful i wish so much i could move out of home but can't afford too right now. lots of love xo

PhotoPuddle said... [Reply to comment]

What a lovely apartment. And so much potential. I am glad it already feels like home.

Holly said... [Reply to comment]

that's so gorgeous!!!! how very 'san francisco-esque' :p

chicago is going to miss you! :)


Barbara said... [Reply to comment]

Such a cute apartment. I LOVE bay windows!

Caiti said... [Reply to comment]

Wow! How fantastic! I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see pictures of it in the future!

Anna said... [Reply to comment]

gorgeous! i loooove all the light!

Jess said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE this apartment! Good luck with the move!

L!$@ said... [Reply to comment]

That looks like a gorgeous little apartment. Have fun making it your own :D

Ana Magdalena said... [Reply to comment]

congratulations, that walking closet is to die for.

elisabeth said... [Reply to comment]

this place is amazing.
no wonder you're smitten.

good luck with moving & settling in!


Jessica Felten said... [Reply to comment]

Love it!! Can't wait to see it with your own personal touch. Seriously so excited for you guys even though I will miss you :( Just another reason to take some vacay days!

ag. said... [Reply to comment]

Aah, I seriously love this place! So much natural character...at least you have a home you love to move in to, that makes a move a whole lot easier.

Nicole Marie said... [Reply to comment]

you have a walk in closet???!!!!!!!!!!! you are one of the very very lucky few in san francisco. closet space is not something of abundance here.

Becky said... [Reply to comment]

Those windows, that kitchen, ohhh I'm in love!

missy. said... [Reply to comment]

i am SO jealous of your closet. such a must. your new place is beautiful, i'm excited to watch you make it home.

Indiana Munn said... [Reply to comment]

Your new apartment looks amazing! I love the wooden floor and clean white walls, the perfect canvas for creativity and fun.