June 16, 2011

(melodramatic) morning musings.

Rainy days make me introspective in the best of ways. Especially rainy summer days, when the rain is warm but the breeze is cool and nobody bothers to use an umbrella. The sort of days when I wish my life had a soundtrack, or a theme song, or at least a clever voiceover--something to highlight my life as a story line, as a series of woven narratives.

It's on these days that I find myself rising early, right along with the sun. It's when I'm most open and creative, most comfortable in my own silence. Everything seems to slow down, even my thoughts, and for once I allow myself the space to be present. And living in the moment, that doesn't usually come so easily for me, not at all. I typically linger either a few steps ahead of now--in the hope of the future--or a few steps behind, in the certainty of the past. The present, I think, tends to feel too definite--especially for someone like me who writes for a living, who edits and revises and redefines.

But not on days like today. Not when the stillness feels like a welcoming expanse, like an opening where I can stretch tall and reach out and unwind. Because on rainy summer days like today, now feels like all that matters. 

(Photo: Ryan Carey)


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Whoa I love the pic :p