May 4, 2011

the sort of truth that gives you pause.

In Olive Kitteridge, the title character tells a young girl: "Don't be afraid of your hunger."

I was stunned. How insightful, how wonderfully true a statement. First, there is hunger as a state of being--and the idea that we shouldn't be afraid of our emptiness. It can also be understood, though, in terms of hungering for something--that we shouldn't fear our desires, our longings, our innermost appetites. 

Either way, I'm struck by how wise and how poignant such a simple statement really is. Because all too often we find ourselves suppressing those cravings--those hopes and dreams that feel too big, or perhaps too small, compared to what we feel we should want. And there's just something so brave, so profoundly honest and brave, about embracing our hunger--in recognizing, accepting, and really feeling comfortable with our hunger.

After all, acknowledging our hunger is our only hope for someday satisfying it, right?

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Monica said... [Reply to comment]

hi there.

yes, and unfortunately it's women mostly who choose to suppress their hungers. thinking we're doing the 'right thing', we hurt ourselves every time.

that book is on my to read list. you've got me more interested.

Rachael said... [Reply to comment]

Wise words, again!
You should write a self help book.

Rissy said... [Reply to comment]

I love how thought provoking your posts always are.

I agree with this... and it is really making me think... I usually describe a feeling like this as anxiety about what my future will bring... maybe it's just hunger!
Hunger sounds so much better because it sounds more likely to motivate me.


becky said... [Reply to comment]

Your wisdom shocks and astounds me over and over again---and you, oh you do, have such a mastery over words---of your own and of interpretation (which of course feed into eachother---which of course are symbiotic).

Thank-you for this. I have been feeling scared of my dreams and of embracing loves for a while---so scared, so terrified, so consumed with dread that I will lose them---but this, this sentiment of yours is so-on-the-button full of hope and I craved it---I was, in fact, hungry for it.

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@becky Wow, what a sweet comment! So glad it resonated :) Oh, and I think you've proven time and time again that you're pret-ty wise yourself!!

Shelby Lou said... [Reply to comment]

I really love this. I have been trying to find something that I love lately, something that will make me insanely happy, and I have a problem going after it. I should most definetly feed my hunger.

~BB~ said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful post. And beautiful picture. I love the quote at the beginning - "Don't be afraid of your hunger." So thought provoking.