March 10, 2011

because yes, sometimes words will fail you.

"I would say that music is the easiest means in which to express, but since words are my talent, I must try to express clumsily in words what the pure music would have done better."
- William Faulkner

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Today's one of those days, one of those times when I wishwishwish that we had a piano in our apartment, because I'd just much rather be playing a song than writing a story. Yes, I love words, I do--and I swear that you feel them in your heart like nothing else.

But music? Music you feel in your bones.
And that's what I have today. A feeling in my bones.

A feeling worthy of a melody.

(Photo: Khantipol)


Oh, My Darling said... [Reply to comment]

What a beautiful post! I completely agree with your sentiments (and Faulkner's!) about music.

Ariel said... [Reply to comment]

So, so true!
~Ariel from

~Abby~ said... [Reply to comment]

You should get one! Then when you're tired of writing, play the piano for a little while.! :)


Julie said... [Reply to comment]

Amen to this post! Music speaks to the soul in a way words sometimes just are unable to do. It's a universal language (math too, but a lot of people don't seem to like math the way they like music, haha).

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@~Abby~ That's the plan :) Someday!

Jennifer Rod said... [Reply to comment]

Music does reach and heal the soul.
I too dream of a grand piano at my home someday... :)