February 6, 2011

the (sunny) calm after the storm.

It's crazy how quickly things can change.

And the weather in Chicago proved that this week, since these photos--taken of the same views--were captured literally two days apart...

Oh, and what's really nuts? I'm legitimately afraid to open the door to our balcony because this giant wall of snow is trapped between the storm door and the screen door...  
So when we do eventually open the door, there may or may not be a mini avalanche in our apartment... And we'll have fresh flowers on one side of the room, fresh snow on the other.

... That has to be some kind of metaphor, right?

P.S. Check out this amazing collection of the best blizzard pictures. 


Holly said... [Reply to comment]

LOL gotta love Chicago!! It took us nearly all of thursday to dig out...we def had our share of mini avalanches too. good luck & stay warm! :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said... [Reply to comment]

My aunt posted a video of the snow blizzard in Chicago. I hope you guys are safe and warm. The weather's been super crazy lately. Even on my side of the world where it's supposed to always be warm and sunny it is now super cold and it's been raining day in and day out.

Recklessly, Headlessly. said... [Reply to comment]

Beautiful photographs! I love the winter, it is such a wonderful time of year, I say take as many great photos as possible and keep warm!

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

Another Chicago gal! I came over here via Neely, and I am glad I did! Hope you are surviving the weather, too!

~Abby~ said... [Reply to comment]

I've missed your blog! (I've been on a blog break)
I live in Indiana..the weather is being CRAZY!
I'm so ready for summer.


Melisande said... [Reply to comment]

beautiful photos! you have such a nice view from your home.

Ana* said... [Reply to comment]
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Ana* said... [Reply to comment]

mother nature is becoming more and more bipolar.

Ana* said... [Reply to comment]
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jackiek said... [Reply to comment]

the weather is crazy! i live in NJ, and just last weekend it was 10 degrees and we got 10 inches of snow. A week later, today, it was 50 degrees and sunny!

Betsey said... [Reply to comment]

haha, oh wow! so strange!

Laura said... [Reply to comment]

Crazy weather these days! Nice to see some sun for once though!

Alyssa said... [Reply to comment]

gosh snow/chicago is amazing... amazing and random!

Laura said... [Reply to comment]

Wow what an amazing transformation. Though sometimes it's very similar here in england!