February 28, 2011

a personality disclaimer, of sorts.

A friend recently told me that I have a "romantic personality." 

This, of course, was a comment on my love for sentimentality, for that oh-so-perfect coincidence, for those movie magic sort of moments that happen in real life.

But I can't help it. Really, I can't.

See, I spend half of each day reading query letters and manuscripts, searching for the special spark in a narrative or the exceptional charm that really brings a story to life. And the other half of the day I spend in grad school studying writing--learning the art of fiction, how to tweak words and images and scenes until they read like a satisfying sigh on the page.

And it's hard to turn that off. It's hard to dedicate your days to overanalyzing and then simply live in the moment without exploring it--without seeing it from a bird's eye view in your mind and imagining how it would fare in a story.

It could be worse, though, I think. Because I may dramatize moments, I may idealize a memory or two, but I also spend my days searching for truths--in fiction and in life. A pretty wonderful way to spend your time, if you ask me.

... Or, you know, I may just be romanticizing the whole thing.

So it goes.

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Just Believe said... [Reply to comment]

It seems like a great way to spend your life, if you ask me. You appear to be searching for beauty in the world and sharing your happiness with others!

Whit said... [Reply to comment]

I do the same thing...actually most of my dreams seem to be seen through a camera lens, as if I'm filming a movie and staring in it too (?). I love the little serendipities in life, and romance is never dead, it's all a matter of finding it in the little things. :)

Hannah Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

I love this cause I do it too.

I remember one day I was walking down the street and I was thinking about how it would be so fantastic is a charming and handsome boy bumped into me and made me spill my books everywhere and then he saw I was carrying J.M. Barrie and we would talk about children' literature and how it's lost it's value in today's society and get married and read our children Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

When I told my friend Melissa about it later that day she looked at me funny.

"Don't all people do that?" - Me
"Nope, just you." - Melissa
"Oh...awkward" - Me

Rachael said... [Reply to comment]

That's a great way to go through life!

becky said... [Reply to comment]

You talk so incredibly richly about your work that it is obvious how much you truly love words---I love that about stopping by your blog; I get a sense of passion I rarely see (although I am finding it more and more as I scour more and more blogs for like-minded people). And there is nothing wrong with romance or sentimentality---it is a pocket of beauty in an otherwise scary world.

Hannah Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

ok P.S. - I saw this and instantly thought of you...

I'm glad I found you. Cause pretty sure I would cry myself to sleep if I didn't have someone that goes ga-ga for silly....ehem, I mean completely normal...things with me


Also, just a note. You are one of the only blog I comment on that I edit my comments before I post. Haha. Writers anxiety.

Laura Marie said... [Reply to comment]

@Hannah Elizabeth Yep... I'm now addicted.

Betsey said... [Reply to comment]

oh, i love this. I think I'm the same way! I agree with what Rachel said above. Can't imagine any other way to live life!

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

I think it's a wonderful way to spend the day:)

Allie said... [Reply to comment]

I love how you word your blogs. This was one so neatly written and perfect. :) And there is nothing wrong with romanticizing situations.