February 11, 2011

because i didn't even need caffeine.

Today I woke up absolutely bursting with energy--with can't-sit-still, can't-contain-it excitement for my radio reading later this morning, for the chance to spend time with my sister tonight, and for a friend's birthday celebration tomorrow... (One that promises to be more or less epic thanks to our nerdy matching t-shirts and the fact that Screech from Saved by the Bell is hosting a party across the street. True story.)

And I realized that so much of this energy, of this eagerness, has to do with simply doing something different--simply stepping out of routine. I'm quite the creature of habit--to say the least--and switching up my day always seems to have this exhilarating sort of effect on me. Which is to say, of course, that I should probably do it (much) more often.

Huge thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement yesterday-- wishing you all a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

(Photo: via Junebug Weddings)


Cassandra said... [Reply to comment]

Hey! I just wanted to say that I love your blog, you always seem to put things in perspective for me. Life really is more enjoyable when you appreciate the little things. I hope your radio reading went great! Keep in touch!

A Serenade for Solitude said... [Reply to comment]

I love your optimism on this wonderful friday. Cheers to your adventures this afternoon. You'll do great!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I love your posts because your energy shines through your writing!!!! Selfishly, I hope you move to SF .. because I know we would have so much fun perusing markets, going on runs and reading books. HA! So excited for your radio reading!!! CONGRATS LAURA!!!

Beatriz said... [Reply to comment]

How exciting for you! Good luck and congratulations on such wonderful opportunities. Life is so beautiful. I adore your blog.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day!


Stephanie said... [Reply to comment]

I'm listening right now Laura! So excited :)

Meredith said... [Reply to comment]

i should swap things up today too. cuz i could for sure use a burst of energy too. ;)

Melisande said... [Reply to comment]

awww glad to hear you're so happy today! good luck with your reading and have fun this weekend!

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

What an awesome opportunity! Good luck with the reading and have an incredible weekend!

lovingsimplemoments said... [Reply to comment]

I'm the same way! New and interesting plans make me hop out of bed, completely full of energy! :)

jelly beans said... [Reply to comment]

how lucky are you!! i love Screech! have a fun weekend. greetings from bcn.


Jade said... [Reply to comment]

i'm a routine schedule-y person too. but sometimes, things out of the ordinary steal my heart from the typical stuff <3
...also, my 100th post is coming up, and it would be amazing if i had everyone comment and read it :) thanks!