January 13, 2011

genius (or, at least, my best attempt) at work.

People think I'm outgoing. And I am, I guess, some of the time. Maybe even most of the time. But I'm a writer, too, which means that I've also got that whole introspective/think-too-much-for-my-own-good side. And when my writer side comes out--as it does, of course, here--I tend to be more shy, more private.

Which is why it's sort of funny that I've let so many people into my world through blogging--sharing little glimpses and corners of my apartment, my thoughts, my life. Somehow, it's always felt less intimate because I put out only what I choose to share: an edited version, a still version. Words I can rearrange, a series of photographs that I can crop and soften and shade just so.

Last night, then, when Radley snapped this picture of me at work in the new little desk nook I've created for myself, I thought: How strange. How completely strange, how oddly fascinating to see myself "in action." I'm so used to being behind the lens--writing the story, tweaking the frame--that this picture just sort of shocked me. I felt suddenly shy, suddenly sort of timid. It looked so raw and personal and just, well, real. 

So in a very small effort--but an effort, nonetheless--to be just a little bit more fearless in this new year, I thought I'd share this oh-so-true-to-life snapshot with you all. Because I'm working on stepping outside of my comfort zone. On opening up that side of me that likes to curl in on itself. And because, okay, let's be honest here--who doesn't love getting a nosy peek into someone else's life?

I'm curious: How do you feel about sharing things in this odd little blog world?
Do you choose to share certain things and not others?

(Oh, and P.S. -- a full introduction to my lovely little desk nook will be coming soon!) 


Heidiopia said... [Reply to comment]

First of all-- love the desk nook (everyone should have one!)! I tend to go back and forth in the "sharing" department. Sometimes I gotta vent a bit, but I try to only put out there things I would be comfortable letting my kids (teenagers) read. Once it's out there, it's out there. Just a mom's take. But I do try to stretch myself at the same time. :)
Can't wait to see more of your desk nook!

Neely said... [Reply to comment]

I wrote a blog today that is a lot more personal than I usually get. So I understand. Sometimes its hard for me to put the personal out there and I usually become a lot more edited and careful about what I say and how I say it. I feel like the one today is a lot more raw. I love that pic!

Lillian Chang said... [Reply to comment]

I'm so much the same way, Laura - I am pretty outgoing and sociable and warm with people...but I also have this side where I really think way too much, I'm super sensitive and contemplative. It is an odd thing.

And then with the blogging world (I was just thinking about this the other day), it's funny because everyone really only shares the good parts of their lives - they're not going to share the disasters or arguments or tragedies that happen within their own lives. They only share the good stuff. Completely edited. So one's image online becomes something you should take with a grain of salt, because no one's life is ever that perfect all the time.
Anyway, so true. :) I do love this unedited photo though - those snapshots into "real" moments are the best, those candids that really capture those simple everyday moments that too often pass us by without us realizing.

Ana* said... [Reply to comment]

The one thing that fascinates me the most about blogging is that even though I know I only see people's edited versions of themselves, it's still a sneak-peek of their private lives, dreams or adventures.

mskanorado said... [Reply to comment]

Honestly, I'm new to blogging publicly - I have been blogging since 2007 but wasn't one to follow many or really have more than maybe 2 followers. I wasn't sure what I should or shouldn't write to let others have a peek into my life, but then I realized that it really doesn't matter what I put. This is my story, my life. So sometimes I keep it light, fun and other times, it isn't that at all. Why put boundaries, on a story of your own. Now, know that I do draw a line when it comes to provocative things or things no one should need to know, but if something is really weighing on my heart strings, I typically blog about it, no matter how deep, serious or real because there is always those aspects in everyones life - so why hide it?

s a m said... [Reply to comment]

Laura, me you and Lauren Hartman all have that shirt. Whadya say we all meet up and wear it together like we are in some sort of club?

Betsey said... [Reply to comment]

love this post so much! I always have a difficult time deciding what to share and what to keep private. when I first started blogging I was very private and didn't share hardly anything...but now that I've been doing this for so long and that I've actually "known" some blogger friends for so long, I feel more comfortable. It's definitely out of my comfort zone to divulge information about myself, but I'm going to try to be better with that because I feel like I owe my readers some little glimpse at who I am!

A Serenade for Solitude said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, it is always nice and nosey to want to see inside another's life. I do filter what I write on my blog to an extent, though I don't hesitate much. It was a stretch when I linked my blog up to FB to be channeled in. For a long while I wasn't sure, but finally I took the plunge. I figure if anyone doesn't want to read the wide spectrum of things I write about, then ok. And it is okay. Other than that, I want to feel free in my space. :) Love your space. xx

Rachael said... [Reply to comment]

Aww. It's great to see you when you're working! Cute office nook by the way.
I myself don't have a blog, but I do comment a lot, and I love to write. I find that I'm more outgoing when I write, then when I don't. I tend to say what I'm thinking more, and I'm more funny. Well, I try to crack jokes. Some come off...
I don't filter what I say when I comment, but I do understand what it must be like to write something down and have it all out in the open. Especially to so many people you don't know!! But that takes courage. I think THAT'S fearless.
And hey, I think we're ALL guilty of wanting a peek at someone's life. Why else would there be a blogging world?!!

PhotoPuddle said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like a gorgeous little nook. Can't wait to see some more pictures of it!

melevision said... [Reply to comment]

I'm always a bit hesitant to put really personal things on my blog.
But strangely enough its a fear that someone I know will stumble upon it...
i'm not sure why that worries me though..it's not like i keep anything secret from friends anyway!
I guess I'm just trying t say that I understand your hesitating to be super personal on your blog :)
Mel xx


sammi marie said... [Reply to comment]

this sounds just like me. which maybe explains why i love your blog so much. i've been blogging for almost a year now and still haven't told anyone i know. writing just feels so much more personal to me than a face-to-face conversation. which i realize makes no sense. oddly enough, i'm completely comfortable with strangers reading-- just seems less threatening, i suppose. one of my favorite things about blogging is finding community with people that relate to each other, so thanks for this post!

Puput Nopitasari said... [Reply to comment]

My blog is my virtually diary. and I like share all things to other people but sometimes It's difficult for me to express a thing into words. :p

Holly said... [Reply to comment]

I LOVE THE NOOK! So jealous!! I def understand how you feel about the sharing thing. I've somewhat come to terms with being more confident in myself, so I'm a bit more comfortable sharing with people who I am. I used to put somewhat of a front up when meeting new people because I'd get so nervous that they'd judge me or something, but I finally realized that I'd much rather have someone like me for who I really am, rather than for the minor front I put up. I was never fake or anything, but I'd be afraid to show bits and pieces of my personality (like how I treat my rabbit like my child, or how I doodle on every single piece of paper I can find). Now I feel that if someone doesn't like me for what they see, they can either get to know me or take a hike! I think your blog is beautiful and I've been able to see bits and pieces of who you are and what you love. It inspires me every time I read it! I think if you're comfortable, or are willing to take the chance of putting yourself out there more, people will respect you for being true to yourself. Plus, I'm sure many girls around your age will be able to admire you even more for that because they'll be able to see bits and pieces of themselves in you. :) xoxo

my name is lauren. said... [Reply to comment]

i'm a lot like you i think....

people tend to think of me as an extrovert, but i toe a thin line and think i'm slightly more of an introvert. i'm also very guarded about the things i put on my blog. i feel like i'm pretty much the way i portray myself on my blog, but i also do guard some things, mainly because people can be mean. i had one such experience today. but i applaud you for your candor and letting us have a raw little peek into the wonderful world of laura marie!

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

I love reading your thoughts and seeing your photos, whatever you choose to share. They cheer me up and inspire me.

I try not to share too much in my blog. I like sharing with others, but I'm planning on being a teacher and so I don't want to share too much of my personal life where anyone can see it - just because teachers become mini public figures whether they like it or not. If that makes sense.