January 18, 2011

carpe diem (or something.)

I strive to be the sort of person who seizes things. 

Because you can 'try' for things, of course, but to me that word sounds as if you're stumbling in someplace--shoulders stooped, head hung--hopeful, but already half-defeated. To seize something, though, well, that's a different story. To seize is to grasp, grab, grip, snatch, take, clutch, conquer what you seek--not with fear, either, but with gumption. With bold and brave, entirely undaunted gumption.

It can be tough, though, to be so daring. You've got your insecurities to worry about, and your doubts and your worries and those annoying little no-you-can't voices that drip with sneering uncertainty whenever the world quiets down and you're left alone with your thoughts. 

But then again--so what? So what if being bold feels strange and arrogant? So what if things don't work out? Bottom line: When an opportunity presents itself and your options are to be bold or to be, well, not--why would you ever choose the alternative?

Why would you ever do anything but seize what's there in front of you?

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amy anne said... [Reply to comment]

Yes! There are so many opportunities right there, that go unnoticed, or worse, I deem it out of reach...I love this "Seize what's there in front of you." Thanks for a bit of inspiration on this dreary morning!

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Goodness my friend!! This post is empowering and wonderful. I can't wait till you live closer oh the adventures we will have. Thank you for writing this it was much needed today!!! XO!!!

Kelly's Adventures said... [Reply to comment]

I really adore everything you write, your a wonderful writer and you inspire me everyday!

jackiek said... [Reply to comment]

oh my gosh this is such a perfect post. and so true. a lot of people ask me why i am always so quick to say yes to adventures. and it's simply because i want my life to me a scrapbook of amazing places, people, and events that I have been a part of.

Rachael said... [Reply to comment]

You have a very good point!
How I hate the fear though! That part stops me. I need to overcome that first, and then carpe diem!

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

I love love love this!! I love the idea of seizing what's in front of you and living boldy - http://beagleandbear.blogspot.com/2011/01/live-boldly.html