January 19, 2011

becoming betty crocker... ish.

I used to hate cooking.

And if you'd have asked me why, I would've said "because it's boring." (This just in: It's not. Especially when you've got your iTunes blaring.) The real reason I hated it, though, is because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, no confidence whatsoever that I'd ever be able to navigate my way around the kitchen.

My mom is an amazing cook--an amazing Southern cook, no less. So much of my childhood was spent sitting at the counter, watching her whip up elaborate meals for the seven of us. She goes through the motions without thinking--adds ingredients without measuring. And, well, I was intimidated. (To say the least.)

This past year, though, I decided to dive in... well, okay, maybe Radley pushed me in. See, he's an absolutely wonderful cook and he was convinced that I, too, would fall in love with it if only I learned how. And so I did learn. And so I do love it. (He's always right.)

Here, one of our new favorite recipes:
Hummus Crusted Chicken with Rosemary & Lemon

2 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
2 lemons, 1 sliced and 1 juiced
1/2 cup original hummus
4 fresh rosemary sprigs (or 2 tbsp dried)
Generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar
Sea salt and freshly ground pepper

*Place the chicken breasts in a small roasting pan, covering all the exposed meat with a layer of hummus about 1/4" thick.
*Scrunch each lemon half in your hand and then loosely arrange them over the chicken with the rosemary sprigs, broken into smaller pieces so the flavor will come out more.
*Generously drizzle the entire mix with lemon juice and then a quick drizzle of balsamic vinegar.
*Bake until the hummus is golden brown and the meat is tender, checking with a knife to make sure it's cooked through. (About 30 minutes.)
*Finish with another quick drizzle of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper to taste.

It's really tasty (and super healthy) and dare I say it, Radley was impressed.

Do you like to cook?
What are your favorite recipes?


jackiek said... [Reply to comment]

mmm if i wasn't a vegetarian i would totally make this! i used to hate cooking and baking. and now, baking is one of my favorite hobbies! funny how things change, isn't it?

thobeka said... [Reply to comment]

I'm definately getting there in the cooking department, although I must admit, it's not my absolute favourite thing to do :) It comes and goes, much like the seasons.

Neely said... [Reply to comment]

Look at you go!!! Girl that looks good Im gonna try it!

thobeka said... [Reply to comment]

ps: this recipe does look lovely though! 2 of my current favourites are feta-stuffed mushrooms and a dill pasta salad that can be whipped up in no time. Just delish!

Larissa Wunder said... [Reply to comment]

I like to cook, but I never know what to cook...

Ana* said... [Reply to comment]

This looks delicious. I am not a fan of cooking. I blame my time scarcity for my cooking skills, but they seem to get a little better as the years go by. My favorite recipe is a chicken breast recipe my grandmother passed down to me. She's such an excellent cook, I daydream about becoming as good as her someday.

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness. That looks amazing. I do love to cook but I'm not that awesome yet. I like to make chicken and rice and also piergories with veggies.

Heidiopia said... [Reply to comment]

This looks yummy!! I have to say, I will probably enjoy cooking more when it's not for an army of teenagers that devour it in two minutes. :) But I do go through phases where I want to make certain dishes and I thoroughly enjoy it then-- a fab pork tenderloin, soups and stews, and a great squash casserole. Bon Appetit!

brlracincwgrl said... [Reply to comment]

I love to cook! I just hate that I don't have more time to do so!

Jade said... [Reply to comment]

mmm! that looks delish :) and this is torture to look at; i'm STARVING right now, ha ha

courtney. said... [Reply to comment]

that looks so delicious, i think i'm going to bookmark that one. i love cooking, but unfortunately my little apartment here in chicago is not liberal with space for creating larger dishes :(

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

Honestly, I use to hate to cook or mostly I was afraid to try and then all of a sudden I dove in ... and yup you guessed it I love love love cooking/baking/creating! This recipe sounds ahhmazing!!! Keep on cooking lady!! xo!

Jade said... [Reply to comment]

and sorry for two comments, but i forgot to add a good recipe >>>
from food network:
Giada's chicken piccata,
Rachael Ray's spring shepherd's pie,
Ellie Criegur's baked zuchinni (i think i spelled this wrong horribly. oh well!)
hope you like these recipies; i love them!

my name is lauren. said... [Reply to comment]


that sounds so good laura! glad you found your love of cooking. i was totally the same about cooking.... except my mom couldn't cook either, so i had no teacher. i couldn't cook a thing until we got married and then i decided come hell or high water i was going to learn. i spent hours....literally hours in the kitchen every night trying to figure things out. it was a comedy of errors really. but, eventually i figured it out....trial by fire, i'd like to think. i didn't make the same meal for our first 3 months of marriage. maybe not the smartest, but i know how to cook now and actually like it ;).

i just might have to try this tasty looking recipe!


Alyssa said... [Reply to comment]

oooh that looks delicious!

I love to cook - and like to cook tricky things. But, for the life of me I cannot boil an egg!

littleone said... [Reply to comment]

Have just joined the blogging world and like you, have also been bitten by the cooking bug.

Having a Jordanian boyfriend means anything with Hummus is good (and obvious bonus points for me)so tried out this recipe with great success! So a big thank you from Dublin.

Here's a little pic of the dish that I posted on my blog :)


Roshan said... [Reply to comment]

That looks so yum yum. I would like to try that. I don't cook much but I am dying to try out some recipes.

Heba said... [Reply to comment]

looks yummy, I love cooking so much, my mom taught me how to cook since i was 12 or something :)